Fleet Management Technology Explained

If you run a business that relies on the use of many different vehicles for its day-to-day operations then it’s essential that you have the right technology to properly manage your fleet.

Fleet management combines several different technologies to help fleet managers track the company’s assets and ensure that the fleet is run with maximum efficiency.

Reasons why fleet management technology is useful for businesses

Below are some of the main reasons why fleet management technology is so useful.

  • Tracking – Through the use of GPS(Global Positioning System) it’s possible to track the vehicles in your fleet in real-time. This is incredibly useful for fleet managers since it helps with security and also to ensure that resources are where they’re supposed to be. GPS tracking can also be useful from a customer experience standpoint. For example Amazon make use of GPS tracking with their Amazon Prime Now service, so customers can see where their delivery driver is at that exact moment.
  • Telematics – Telematics basically means long-distance transmission of data. Where fleet management is concerned this means installing vehicle sensors, which relay information such as tyre pressure, engine temperature and fuel consumption. Having this data available means the fleet manager can make informed decisions and make adjustments as necessary.
  • Fuel management – Fuel management is always a priority for businesses with fleets. Through the use of route tracking and engine monitoring, it’s possible to make significant savings on fuel.
  • Driver monitoring – Driver monitoring is extremely important for businesses with fleets. By monitoring the performance of drivers it’s easy for fleet managers to identify problems such as excessive speeding and hard braking so they can be corrected before any problems arise. Many companies will now intentionally limit the speed that their vehicles can do as to avoid any issues related to dangerous driving.

Choosing the right fleet management software

Although most fleet management software offers the same basic features, there are some important questions to ask yourself when selecting the right fleet management software for your business. These include –

  • Does your company sell itself as green? If so you might want to use a software provider that powers their servers via green energy.
  • How much input is needed from your drivers so you’re able to manage your fleet effectively?
  • Does the software vendor have a good reputation for solving customer issues quickly?

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