Getting Started as a Mobile Mechanic

If you have a passion for cars and have a knack for identifying and fixing problems then you might consider setting up as a mobile mechanic. Unlike a traditional mechanics where you need your own premises and staff, working as a mobile mechanic means you have much less overheads.

That being said – you will need to have the right training in order to work as a mobile mechanic. Most mobile mechanics will gain experience working in a garage before they set out on their own. Working on customer vehicles means you’ll face a variety of problems so you’ll need to be prepared for the unique challenges of the job. Experience is the best way to do this.


  • Tools – You’ll of course need the right tools in order to work as a mobile mechanic. Depending on the budget you have, you might need to buy used. Just make sure any tools you get are reliable and in decent condition – they’re what you’ll be relying on to do your job.
  • A van – You will of course need a van so that you’re able to travel to customers and have room to store your tools. Generally you’ll want at least a medium sized van when working as a mobile mechanic, as this will give you plenty of room for your tools and also allow you to move about freely. If you can’t afford a new van then you shouldn’t struggle to find a suitable used vehicle from a site such as Auto Trader or eBay.
  • Insurance – When you work as a mobile mechanic you’ll need to take care of your own insurance. Luckily there are many excellent mobile mechanics insurance providers to be found online. When you take out a policy, you should think about what types of cover you need the most. Of course you’ll need cover to work on customer vehicles and this will come as standard with a motor trade insurance policy. You should also think about any types of additional cover you might want too though, such as breakdown cover and cover for your tools. You can also have cover for liability claims as well as legal expenses.

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